This is the readable version of the TRES tidyverse tutorial. A convenient PDF version can be downloaded by clicking the PDF document icon in the header bar.


The TRES tidyverse tutorial is an online workshop on how to use the tidyverse, a set of packages in the R computing language designed at making data handling and plotting easier.

This tutorial will take the form of a one hour per week video stream via Google Meet, every Friday morning at 10.00 (Groningen time) starting from the 29th of May, 2020 and lasting for a couple of weeks (depending on the number of topics we want to cover, but there should be at least 5).

PhD students from outside our department are welcome to attend.


Topic Package Instructor Date*
Reading data and string manipulation readr, stringr, glue Pratik 29/05/20
Data and reshaping tibble, tidyr Raphael 05/06/20
Manipulating data dplyr Theo 12/06/20
Working with lists and iteration purrr Pratik 19/06/20
Plotting ggplot2 Raphael 26/06/20
Regular expressions regex Richel 17/07/20
Programming with the tidyverse rlang Pratik 10/07/20

Possible extras

  • Reproducibility and package-making (with e.g. usethis)
  • Embedding C++ code with Rcpp


Join the Slack by clicking this link (Slack account required).

*Tentative dates.